Snow Babies

January 22nd, 2011

Winter weather has finally arrived in earnest. We didn’t have much snow before the new year but this month we’ve gotten two decent storms. Enough to slow the city down, close schools, and be a hassle but nothing like the insanity of last year (thank goodness).

Last weekend, we bundled up the babes to go outside and frolic a bit. Miss Mouse had a whee of a time this year (in stark contrast to last year when she was terrified of the cold white stuff). Her favorite thing was actually watching the dog go berserk. He adores the snow and goes cheerfully insane when allowed out in it — running big rambling laps, eating huge mouthfuls, and cavorting merrily.

Little Bear only got to spend a few minutes out of doors because, even fully bundled, I worried that it was too cold for him. His nose turned an alarming shade of red immediately.

After playing outside, we went back in for hot chocolate. Which turned out to be a disaster because Miss Mouse didn’t get it. I guess we’d never served it before and she didn’t understand that it was a drink. She refused to try what was in her mug and kept demanding “Where chocolate?? Want chocolate!!!” Oops.

2 responses to “Snow Babies”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Mousie is wearing mittens! Did they stay on?

  2. Opa says:

    Chocolate is as bad for those under, say, 25 as it is for dogs! Beware.

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