The Nemo Look

January 18th, 2011

Toddlers are defiant. They stare at you with those beady eyes and you can tell they are in the process of non-compliance. The best way I know to describe this look is to call it ‘The Nemo Look.’ In the Disney movie ‘Finding Nemo’ the little fish Nemo wants to swim out in open water to touch a boat (on a dare). Nemo’s father does not want him to do this. Nonetheless, Nemo swims to the boat, turns around, looks at Fish Dad with fire in his eyes, and touches the boat.

Miss Mouse has been having quite a few of these moments in recent weeks as she ‘tests the boundaries’ Kate and I have set for her. One moment was Sunday afternoon. Kate was at work, so I was flying solo. At one point I was feeding Mac, which meant my defenses were down. Knowing this Mouse grabbed a frying pan from her little kitchen and started banging it on things. I was not in favor of this idea, and as we are practicing ‘Love and Logic’ with our children thought to direct her on the use of the frying pan. This is the rest of the scene:

Dad: Mouse, we bang the frying pan on the kitchen.

Mouse: On the book case?

Dad: On the kitchen.

Mouse: On the floor?

Dad: On the kitchen.

Mouse then holds the frying pan high over her head, with ‘The Nemo Look’ in her eyes, and bangs said frying pan on the floor.

Ahh, toddlers.



One response to “The Nemo Look”

  1. G'Mom says:

    Ha! She learned that from her mother. When Kate was little, she would choose something annoying to do – like kicking the table. I would ask her to please stop kicking the table. Then she would fix me with her Nemo eye, and kick the chair.

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