The Opposite of Deck

January 3rd, 2011

What’s the opposite of decking the halls? Stripping the halls? De-decking the halls? Whatever the verb, it’s been accomplished as of today. We took advantage of an “off work but the Day Care is open” day to finish packing away our Christmas decorations.

The tree had come down on New Year’s Eve, a decision prompted in part by the ever-increasing number of lights that were out and in part by the fact that we were hosting a going away party for friends with a guest list that included ten children under the age of four. They’re all good kids, but I opted not to tempt fate. Down came the (stupid, light-less) tree and up went a brightly-colored toddler pop-up tent with attached tunnel. A gift from my (awesome) parents.

Today we stripped the rest of the house, including Miss Mouse’s nativity set. It was with much fear and trembling that we brought her home from school today. How would she react to the disappearance of her beloved nativity set? As a parent, how does one harden one’s heart to bereft cries of “Where’s Baby Jesus?

Fortunately, we’d planned ahead and had an as-yet-unopened Christmas present waiting for her in place of the nativity set. Sorry, Baby Jesus, but you’re no match for a brand new Mrs. Potato Head…

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