When a cheat becomes a binge

January 15th, 2011

It turns out there’s a fine line between a “cheat day” and a “binge day.” I may have crossed that line yesterday.

There were warning signs early on that the day might go awry. In an effort to get out the door quickly, I didn’t eat breakfast at home, opting instead to stop at Starbucks. I normally do this on Friday mornings to get a chai, but yesterday I also walked out with a piece of berry coffee cake. And a cinnamon roll.

Those treats did tide me over well until lunch, negating the need for much snacking…

…except that there was a big bowl of M & M’s out. And I had several handfuls. Every time I walked by. Which was often.

By the time lunchtime rolled around, I was feeling a bit overloaded. But I had brought a piece of peppermint chocolate silk pie with me in honor of the day. And I’d been looking forward to eating it all friggin’ week. And if I didn’t eat it yesterday, I’d have to wait another whole week. So I ate it.

And then I felt sick.

I’m gonna need to learn to pace myself better on Cheat Day.

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