When Parenting Good Intentions Fall Flat…or at Least Stumble

January 26th, 2011

I do hope you realize that my posts about parenting and discipline are just one woman’s thoughts. I don’t have all the answers. And even when I have some of the answers, I don’t always put them into practice successfully. I strive to be calm and loving and empathetic and to repeat to myself “she’s two, she’s two, she’s two” but when Rat Girl goes on a rampage, it’s so very very hard.

If you look back at Little Bear’s four-month pictures, you’ll see a scratch on his head. That was a gift from his big sister — the first time she left a wound when she whacked him. It simultaneously broke my heart and made my blood absolutely boil.

Lately, Miss Mouse goes into Rat Mode every time I try to feed Little Bear, especially if Josh is not home and it’s just the three of us. Pretty clearly, she feels left out and ignored during feeding times and her response is to come over to us and start slapping her brother on the head. She keeps it up, progressively harder, until I do something about it. Ignoring her is not an option.

But what the heck do you do? I’ve got a baby attached to my boob, so it’s a bit difficult for me to respond. Which I’m sure she realizes. I confess that the other night, I completely ran out of positive statements. I had repeated “Little Bear likes nice touches honey” about ten times and when I opened my mouth next, what came out was — “STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! LEAVE YOUR BROTHER ALONE!!!!!

So much for serene motherhood and love and logic.

My folks had a great suggestion that I’m going to try out: put together a small basket of great toys that only come out when I’m nursing. Perhaps the novelty and specialness of the basket will distract her long enough for me to feed the baby. Wish me luck!

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