Art Appreciation

February 14th, 2011

Saturday was a day spent enjoying The Arts. Well, experiencing The Arts, at least. Not all of the day was a total success. In the morning, I packed up both kiddos and voyaged across town for a Peanut Butter & Jam Session. They’re a terrific series of kid-friendly music appreciation led by a certified KinderMusik instructor and the musicians of a very talented, world-traveling classical music group called Chatham Baroque. I’d taken Miss Mouse when she was younger, and she had a whee of a time.

Not so much this time.

For whatever reason, it just didn’t work for her yesterday. She got shy around all the other kids and took up residence in my lap like a barnacle. Then she decided the music was too loud (which it really wasn’t). Finally, she started asking to go home every time there was a pause in the music, so we bailed. It was hard for me. After driving 35 minutes and shelling out $13 it was hard to leave early. But I realized that staying was only asking for a massive meltdown so I called it quits.

In the afternoon, Miss Mouse went on an art project binge. She sat at the dining room table for an unimaginably long time (almost two hours!!) systematically working her way through all of her art media: from finger paints to markers to crayons to stickers.

Josh and Bug and I all sat around with her, chatting and doodling ourselves — Buggie very much enjoyed the finger paint!

Miss Mouse takes finger painting very seriously. She fastidiously sticks one finger into her paint at a time, then gleefully smears it everywhere, adding layer after layer until the paper is so saturated you can barely pick it up. Then she demands a clean piece and starts again.

I had visions of getting the kids to do hand imprints on a couple valentines for their grandparents but my paint wasn’t up to the task. It had the consistency of jelly, which was great for mushing about on a piece of paper, but didn’t work for beans for something like a defined hand-print. Alas.

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