Dealing with Momma Squish

February 18th, 2011

Last night, for the second time this week, I hauled my squishy, mother-of-two butt onto the elliptical machine that’s been languishing in our den.* It felt great!

Nope. That’s a total lie. It felt horrible. I thought I was going to die as I chugged sweatily along. Watching Sex and the City (the movie) helped take my mind off the pain somewhat and I duly kept at it until I could go no further…

…only to discover, to my horror, that it had only been ten minutes. Oofda. I am so out of shape.

But rather than dwelling on the shortness of the time, I am choosing to embrace the fact that I exercised at all. Ten minutes several times a week is better than no minutes ever. Which is what I had been doing. I’ve been alarmingly sedentary over the last year.

* Okay, not completely languishing. Josh has been using it lately. But it has been feeling sorely neglected by yours truly.

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