Diaper Free, Mousie Be (Almost)

February 10th, 2011

This morning, Miss Mouse picked out her whole school outfit by herself: pink shoes, white socks, royal purple corduroy pants, hot pink t-shirt with hearts, red zip-front hoodie sweatshirt. But the piece of her ensemble of which she was most proud was the blue and white striped Big Girl Underpants.

That’s right! Miss Mouse headed off to school today sans diaper. This is day two of her going to school in underpants. Apart from the fact that I am heartbroken that my baby is officially no longer a baby, we’re off to a great start.

Miss Mouse’s teachers are wonderfully supportive and helpful and encouraging during this process. Because we cloth diaper, we didn’t do pull-ups at all. We just went straight from diapers to underpants. It was actually her teachers’ idea to go for it – she had been dry so often in her diapers that they thought she was ready.

Yesterday went pretty well. She wore a diaper for nap time (which was wise) and hasn’t quite figured out the whole “Number 2 on the Potty” thing so that was a bit of a mess. And one more accident in the afternoon due to a communication breakdown. Miss Mouse’s regular teachers went home for the day and the other teachers didn’t realize she was wearing underpants so they forgot to encourage her to try sitting on the potty. Oops.

But overall I’m encouraged. Above all, I’m thrilled that Miss Mouse has been an enthusiastic participant in this process. I have a mommy friend whose daughter is less excited. They knew they needed to rethink strategy when they offered their daughter an M&M; (their potty reward) at a party and she started crying and shrieking — “I don’t want to sit on the potty!

One response to “Diaper Free, Mousie Be (Almost)”

  1. Isa says:

    I do wonder if the cloth diapers help–Tues always knows when she's wet, so so do we. They're looking at a nursery school that changes all of the kids into cloth underpants when they arrive at school so they can all start learning to use the potty–from 15 months! I'll be amazed to see how it works. Good for Mousie for a (mostly) successful first day!

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