$h*! My Dad Says

February 15th, 2011

No, this is not a commentary on the new sit-com starring William Shatner. Yes, this is a confession of my slip of the tongue which my two year old daughter has repeated.

Monday morning is never real easy. Six o’clock comes pretty early and the weekend-recovery period is just getting started. Getting the kids ready and out the door in a timely fashion is not easy, but this is made worse when clumsiness gets in the way. I had Bug strapped in his car seat and was walking down the stairs to the garage when my heel caught on the last step. Gravity did its job and I went flying, whilst holding a Bug filled car seat, into the car. Assuming I had squashed my unsuspecting son into oblivion I ‘spoke in tongues’ as the saying goes (a ‘darn it’ that wasn’t ‘darn it’). Once life was verified in all present children we moved on with the day.

Last night at dinner Mouse was having little jello jigglers in the shape of hearts (on account of Valentine’s Day). The problem with jello is that it has the consistency, basically, of water, and they kept breaking and dropping onto the table. Following one such incident I heard escape from my daughter’s lips (with sort of a grunt to it as well) a ‘darn it’ that wasn’t ‘darn it.’ Emotions flooded my brain:

Joy, because I think it is funny when toddlers swear.

Sadness, for having led my daughter astray.

Confusion, as I forgot for a moment my outburst earlier in the day and could not figure out where Mouse heard that word.

Anger, because even though swearing is funny it is not the best thing to do.

Sheer, Soul Wrenching Terror, for having to tell Kate what Mouse said and where she heard it.

This morning when I dropped Mouse off at school I warned her teachers there may be expletives thrown about from the delicate woodland creature. There was judgment in their eyes. Note to self: Mouses repeat, in proper context in some cases, what they hear.


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