February 19th, 2011

Buggie’s at that very convenient age where he’s not mobile yet so he can’t escape when you’re not looking but he’s big enough to interact with his surroundings and so really enjoys all of the baby gear you’ve bought him. At the moment, I have a variety of options of places where I can stash him while I make dinner, read to Miss Mouse, or write a blog. He’s happy as a clam…

…in his johnny-jump-up (as long as his sister doesn’t “help” him jump too vigorously)

…in his exersaucer

…on his play mat

…reclining in his “pillow palace” (two boppy’s stacked on top of each other)

…or even just hanging out on the floor.

Though, of course, he’s happiest of all…

…in mommy’s arms!

One response to “Port-A-Baby”

  1. Opa says:

    Wonderful photos. Can't wait to be with him again soon.

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