Potty Presents

February 24th, 2011

Job 38:11 reads (in part): “This far you shall come, but no further.” I’ve felt some resonance with that verse over the past couple weeks when it comes to potty training with Miss Mouse. On the whole, she’d been doing AWESOME. Wearing big girl undies to school every day and coming home with nary a mishap to report.

Except for in one key area. Number two. I won’t go into graphic detail (you’re welcome) but suffice to say that peeing on the potty came naturally. Other potty endeavors less so.

I was pleased that we had progressed this far in our potty training adventure without resorting to bribery. No cookies. No jelly beans. No “will tinkle for M&M;’s.” But to get over the current potty hurdle, we brought out the big guns.

When Miss Mouse came down to breakfast on Wednesday, this awaited her:

I was hesitant to use food as a reward because I feel like that sets up some unhealthy emotional-eating habits. So instead, I’d hit Borders the night before with a credit-card-rewards-points gift card and picked up a few goodies. (As a side note, the card was for $25 and I spent $24.67. Dang, I’m good.) Contents of the packages include: Curious George goes to the Zoo, random counting book involving sparkly hearts, sheet of monkey stickers, puppy calendar (she loves pictures), two plastic squirty fish for bath time, and a zipper lunch bag/purse thingy.

The incentive was simple: poop on the potty, pick a present.

Yesterday, it didn’t work. But today she came home proudly from day care having accomplished the deed and enthusiastically opened a present. (The bath fish.) She was pumped. We’ll see how tomorrow goes!

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  1. G'Mom says:

    What I like best about the potty training experience, are the phone calls I get from Miss Mouse proudly reporting on her successful potty activity at school.

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