Recycled-Art Valentines

February 10th, 2011

I have a bit of an attitude when it comes to packaged kids’ Valentines. I just don’t like them. They seem wildly impersonal, and if you’re not going to make your Valentines personal, then why do them? Note that I am not against store-bought cards entirely. I’ve received many a lovely greeting card on Cupid’s Day over the years. No, my objection is to those baseball-card-esqe multi-packs, frequently featuring cartoon characters.

There may come a day when, due to lack of time or a child’s request, I purchase a deck of Dora the Explorer Valentines, but it is not this year!

I had visions of embarking on Valentine craft projects with Miss Mouse and bought some cute blank heart cards and some of those new colored cutouts where you scratch on them with a wooden stick to reveal colors and/or sparkles underneath. They’re cool and seemed really toddler-friendly.

Miss Mouse stalwartly boycotted both craft projects. All she wants to do is draw on paper with markers. Nothing else will do.

So I went with it. I saved all of her drawings for about a week, encouraging her to draw on pink and red paper, and then I recycled her art into Valentines.

All you need for recycled-art valentines are: construction paper, scissors, glue, stencils (or, in my case, cookie-cutters), and a bunch of your child’s art. If you’re artsy yourself you could get by without stencils, but I need them! Cut out hearts from your child’s artwork and then glue it onto red and pink construction paper. I pinked the edges with fancy paper shears and also traced additional concentric hearts. It was fun!

They may not be headed for the Louvre, but I think the finished product is pretty cute.

(I have no idea why this one uploaded sideways but it’s 10pm and I’m too tired to fight with it!)

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  1. G'Mom says:

    You've inspired me – I felt I had to make Mousie's valentine card. Let me know if she figures it out.

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