Superbowl Sunday

February 6th, 2011

Here we go, Steelers, here we go! I’m typing this mid-game so the outcome is as yet undetermined. Honestly, though I am a Pittsburgh fan, I mostly just enjoy the hoopla of any Superbowl Sunday — whoever is playing! In honor of the big game, we decked the whole family out in our Steelers finest. The kiddos looked fabulous, right down to the diaper. Each has a black and gold undergarment for just such an occasion.

As adorable as Buggie and I looked (and we did), the true winner of the cutest fan contest today was Miss Mouse. We bought her a stupidly expensive Hines Ward jersey (why do they cost so much??) but it was worth every penny because a two-year-old in a big sports jersey is a marvelous thing.

We headed over to Josh’s aunt’s house for the game and I was asked to bring dessert. Which was no problem because I just happen to have a to-die-for sugar cookie recipe and a huge assortment of cookie cutters, including footballs. Behold!

I made plates for two of our neighbors as well. One of whom is a Green Bay fan, a reality I magnanimously reflected in his cookies.

Miss Mouse had a terrific time playing with her cousins’ toys, scarfing up peanut-butter pretzels, and hamming it up with Daddy.

The highlight of her night, though, was the cookie I let her eat. Oh joy, oh bliss. Perhaps that explains why I had such trouble getting her to calm down for bed!

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