The Family’s Gotta Eat When the Momma’s Gotta Work

February 12th, 2011

We’ve really settled into a good “food routine” over the last month or so. It took a little time to get used to the fact that I wasn’t getting home until 5pm or later most nights, but with the help of weekly menu plans, a faithful crock pot, and a few quick and easy kitchen tricks, we’re able to sit down together as a family and enjoy a home-cooked meal most nights of the week.

But this week was a tough one. Josh was away at a clergy conference Monday and Tuesday evenings. And I had a meeting Thursday night and a women’s small group last night. So much for dinner together!

The part I liked least about the schedule was being gone back-to-back nights. While my husband is good at many things, cooking is not among them. Happily, I got the all-clear to come into work late since I was staying late for the meeting and I spent a very productive two hours at home on Thursday morning.

First I assembled a chicken pasta casserole (which was great, I learned the next day when I took it in my lunch!) and stuck it in the refrigerator with baking instructions written in permanent marker on the foil cover. The recipe had called for pureeing some tomatoes, so since my food processor was out, I also whipped up a batch of beef and bean burritos. I stuck most of them in the freezer for future quick meals, but kept one out for Miss Mouse to have for dinner on Friday night.

Food prepared, I cleaned up the kitchen, started a load of laundry, laid out pajamas and bedtime diapers for the kiddos (a sweet habit I picked up from my hubby — he does that when he’s going to be gone over bedtime), grabbed a quick shower, and headed into work. Not a bad morning!

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