The SAHM Revelation

February 3rd, 2011

Today, two events aligned to bring about a revelation. First, I got an email from a parenting mag with Cute Valentine Recipes for Kids. Heart-shaped calzones? Genius. Then, an early Valentine presents for the kidlets (well, really for me) arrived from my mom — a pair of bento boxes from Laptop Lunches. I’d been coveting them for ages and they went on special at EcoBabyBuys so my kind and loving mother got a pink one for Miss Mouse and a purple one for the Bug.

As I gazed at the bentos and imagined filling them, the revelation came. I want to be a stay-at-home mom. Just not quite yet…

Contrary to the “normal” pattern wherein a young mother takes a few years off work when she has kids and then returns to the workforce when they’re in school, I want to do it the other way around. I love all the experiences my kiddos are having in daycare right now and if I were to attempt to stay home full-time with them I’d probably go mad. And I love my job and would be sad to leave.


Talk to me again four years from now and beyond. I fantasize about being able to stay home when the littles are in elementary school. I want to be able to pack them bento lunches in the morning and walk them to school with the dog in tow. I want to be that mom who’s home waiting for them after school with fresh-baked banana bread. I want to actually have time to make heart-shaped calzones for Valentine’s Day.

I realize it’s several years away still. And who knows how I’ll feel then or what would even be financially feasible. But as of today, I have a dream…

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  1. Isa says:

    I think about that, too, especially seeing Heidi's struggles to keep Tues entertained. She's too young to really want to hang out with her mom all day alone. I think I'll be envious of my mom's setup–working part time so she could be home after school and on sick days, but also having something to keep her busy and engaged. I wonder if part time would eventually be a good compromise for you, too?

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