What We Ate this Week

February 5th, 2011

I enjoyed posting our weekly menu the other day. It gave me a real sense of accomplishment to see it all laid out like that. Sure, our lives are a bit crazy (as parenthood tends to be) and there are times when I feel like I’m failing as a parent in a million different ways, but at the end of the day, I can say with confidence and pride that we eat pretty well around here.

Here’s a look at our menu for this week:

Sunday: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Green Peas — My husband’s favorite food in the whole wide world. At least the spaghetti part. Not so much on the green peas. Miss Mouse and I adore them, though. She’s pretty fond of pasta, too, though we’ve learned to cook pasta shapes for her because she struggles with real spaghetti.

Monday: Lentil Soup with Potatoes and Warm Indian Spices, Home-Made Bread, Salad — Oh heavens. That was an extraordinary meal. I don’t like lentils but I was ready to start eating this soup three meals a day. It came from my wonderful Family Dinner cookbook and was a huge hit. Lentils, potatoes, a healthy dose of garam masala, fresh ginger, coconut milk. With home-made (though not, I must admit, “Kate-made” — a gift from a friend) bread. Amazing.

Tuesday: Pot-Roast Stir Fry with Rice

Wednesday: Oven-Fried Halibut, French Fries, Macaroni and Cheese, Broccoli — Okay, I’ll admit that one was a little heavy on the starchy sides, what with both fries (baked) and mac & cheese. But we didn’t have all that many fries and it turned out for the best because the fish was horrible. The recipe called for crushed stove-top stuffing mix and it seemed like a good idea but it was terribly boring and quite fishy and just not good. Happily, mac & cheese, fries, and broccoli make a decent meal all on their own.

Thursday: Hamburger Helper with Cooked-and-Frozen-Ground Beef, Mixed Vegetables

Friday: Cheat Day! We all sort of did our own thing on Friday. Josh, bless him, is trying to go cold turkey on the healthy eating and isn’t doing a cheat day so he ate leftovers while I chowed down on frozen waffles. Yes, frozen waffles is what I wanted to “spend” my cheat day on. Don’t judge me. There was bacon, too. Miss Mouse had a burrito. It was an eclectic meal.

Saturday: Ham and Potato Stew, Home-Made Biscuits, Salad — Once again a meal starring the crock-pot. You might think that on the weekends I’d revel in my free time and cook more elaborate meals. You’d be wrong. Honestly, weekends aren’t so restful these days. I like to have Adventures on my days off and after a full day of kid-wrangling, I have very little energy for food prep. Happily, I was able to assemble tonight’s stew this AM before Miss Mouse got up and then it cooked all day. I whipped up some biscuits, threw some lettuce in a bowl, and presto! Dinner.

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