Why I Buy Conversation Hearts

February 9th, 2011

When I was doing our weekly grocery run on Saturday, I bought a bag of Valentine Conversation Hearts. Why would I purchase such patently nasty bits of holiday confection? Good question. I can promise you that it was not for eating. Those things are just gross — sort of like sugary chalk. *Shudder*

Happily, conversation hearts are not a complete waste of time, space, and unpronounceable chemical ingredients! They happen to form the basis of a great (and cheap) Valentine craft: the Conversation Heart Letter.

Here’s what you do. Dump out the entire bag of hearts and sift through them looking for words which can be used in a letter. Obviously, what works for you will depend on the type of letter you’re writing. I happened to be drafting one to Miss Mouse’s daycare teachers, so I avoided all references to “hot lips” and the like! But plenty of other words, like “awesome” or even “cupcake” worked just fine. You want to try to get a variety of colors of hearts, and make sure that the words are printed clearly.

Next, you draft your letter, periodically inserting a candy heart in place of written words. If you have lovely penmanship, feel free to write this out. I have the handwriting of an epileptic kindergarten student, so I typed mine on the computer and printed it out on construction paper. Then I glued the paper to a piece of cardboard (recycled from a cereal box!) and then glued on the hearts. Ta da!

My letter reads as follows. The words in color are the hearts.

Hello Discovery Preschool Teachers,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m sure lucky to have you as my teachers — you rock! Don’t tell Mommy and Daddy, but sometimes I don’t want to say goodbye at the end of the day. School is just way too cool. Every day is just one adventure after another.

I always get real* excited when I come to school, especially when we have a birthday to celebrate and I get to eat a cupcake.

Sometimes people ask me if I’d rather go to a different school, but I tell them no way. I’m a KinderCare girl! You guys are awesome.

I Heart You! XOXO

Miss Mouse

My wee Love Bug will also be sending a letter to his teachers. I just haven’t written it yet!

*Yes, I know that is grammatically incorrect. I had to take a bit of artistic license to get that heart to fit…

2 responses to “Why I Buy Conversation Hearts”

  1. Isa says:

    Stephanie eats these. In fact, her favorite candies are necco wafers. I know. Sometimes I encourage her just to see that someone does actually consume them.

  2. G'Mom says:

    What a fabulous idea!! The teachers are going to swoon. (Is that still one of the conversation words?)

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