A night of pancakes

March 4th, 2011

I’m going to basically re-post the blog I did today for for my work blog because it covers what I did last night!

Last night, East End Cooperative Ministry hosted the third annual Pancakes in the P.M. benefit dinner.

It. Was. AWESOME!!!

I suppose I may be a bit biased, but then again, the facts don’t lie. This was our most successful Pancakes event yet — by far. Last night’s event drew 150 attendees and raised nearly $4,000 for the Have a Heart for Hunger campaign. Thanks to the generosity of the ladies of Pamela’s Diner, all of that money will come straight to EECM’s Hunger Programs.

We love Pam and Gail!

It was standing-room-only for much of the night as hordes of hungry pancake-lovers descended on Pamela’s Diner in the Strip. Happily, anyone who eats regular at Pamela’s is used to a crowd! We encouraged guests to make new friends by packing as many people around the tables as we could — “nice to meet you, could you pass the syrup?

For the adults in the room, there were Bloody Marys and mimosas.

The menu included Croissant French toast casserole, bacon, scrambled eggs, home fries, and the most delicious ham you’ve ever had in your life. I kid you not.

And, of course, the “make your own” pancake bar. Always a big hit.

Gail worked the crowd, bringing around a platter of her special strawberry hotcakes. The secret to their divinity? Sour cream and brown sugar toppings. Oh my.

But after an evening of intense pancake-snarfing, even the most seasoned of breakfast-lovers can find themselves suffering from pancake fatigue…

Yup, Miss Mouse was there, too. My folks brought her to the event as a special treat. It was her “potty present” for the day, too. She did great. One small meltdown when we wouldn’t let her carry her own plate, but otherwise she was super good. It was fun to have her there. I talk about my kiddos at work all the time, but my co-workers rarely get to see them. Buggie stayed home with Josh. His punctual 6:15pm pre-bedtime screaming fits were deemed an unnecessary addition to the event. (Buggie’s, that is, not Josh’s.)

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