Breaking the Rules of Sleep (ARG)

March 10th, 2011

I’m mad at myself. I broke a cardinal rule of life with infants today: Thou Shalt Not Mess with Your Baby’s Evening Schedule. Especially not when your baby has traditionally not been a very good sleeper but had been making great strides in recent days — even sleeping eight whole hours in a row last night…

But I ignored this commandment and brought Buggie along on an afternoon trip to the Natural History Museum. They were offering free admission and Miss Mouse is a big fan of the dinosaurs and the rooms of stuffed animals (it’s like the zoo only with more animals!). So my folks picked the kids up from school and met me at the museum for a quick tour through a few favorite exhibits.

Then we drove home and that’s what caused the problem. Buggie slept for forty-five minutes during the car ride home. Insert ominous music here.

Usually, Buggie is in bed asleep by 6:30pm. As I type this — at 7:37 pm — he is reclining on the couch next to me, playing with his stuffed giraffe, and emphatically not sleeping.


I think he’s tired. He’s quite mellow. But after nursing him and rocking him for 45 minutes, I gave up. I don’t do the “cry it out” thing so I’m not going to stick him in his crib until he’s ready to be there. But I do hope he’ll decide he’s ready soon!!

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