From a Toddler’s Point of View

March 16th, 2011

When you’re a mom, you have to learn to look at the world from your child’s point of view.  I’m learning (slowly) that the world looks very different through Miss Mouse’s two-year-old eyes than it does through mine.  When I fail to take this into account, the result isn’t always pretty. 

For example: to a toddler, “zoo” means animals.  Always. Only.  Forever.  Lions, tigers, bears, giraffes, more tigers, possibly some monkeys, etc.  “Zoo” does not mean “classroom full of other kids I don’t know doing art projects.

We learned this important fact last week when my parents tried to take Miss Mouse to a Cub Club Wildlife Academy class at the zoo.  It sounded like great fun.  It was geared to two-year-olds and focused on color identification using animals.  What’s not to like?

Apparently a lot. 

Poor Miss Mouse didn’t understand that the class was the exciting adventure at the zoo she had been promised.  I think she felt deeply betrayed.  She did eventually rally (a bit) and consent to participate in the class — even going so far as to pet a chinchilla — but it was a good lesson for the adults in her life to keep her point of view in mind when describing activities!

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