In which Kohl’s lets me down and I cry

March 19th, 2011

IZ Byer (teeny tiny tight) Sweater

I’ve been feeling kind of shlumpy at work ever since I got back from maternity leave.  Before I came back after having Miss Mouse, I bought a new wardrobe of sharp business attire and returned feeling like a million bucks.  After Buggie’s arrival, I just hauled my existing clothes out of the closet and went about my business.

So tonight I headed to Kohl’s in search of a few new pieces to pep up my wardrobe.  And there were a bunch to choose from…in the Junior’s section.

I know I should never have even walked into that section.  I know better.  I do.  And yet, the stuff was so cute that I tried it on… 

Let’s just say for the record that there ain’t a single thing in that section of the store that fits the body of a not-yet-back-to-pre-baby-weight mother of two.

I get that I’m not their target audience.  I get that.  I’m a 29-year-old momma, not a 19-year-old hipster.  But there is something so completely soul-crushing about realizing that even the extra-large shirts and pants are too darned small.

In reaction to this horrible experience, I marched into the nearest grocery store and bought Eggo waffles to eat for dinner.  Yes, I know that is called emotional eating.  Yes, I know that emotional eating is a bad idea.  Now please be quiet while I go drown my sorrows in maple syrup.

3 responses to “In which Kohl’s lets me down and I cry”

  1. Isa says:

    Yeah. Steph refuses to go into that section with me–I still can't help myself, but I am disappointed to be squeezing into XL shirts made for 14 year old girls. The only thing that I regularly buy over there is tank tops, since for some reason they have a full range of colors, while the adult section seems to be limited to drab and black.

  2. Kate says:

    Good point about the tank tops. It was a similar problem with business apparel. Tons of stylish stuff in juniors. Limited selection of boring, frumpy items in grown-ups. What gives?

  3. Pomegranate says: Never ever shop in juniors. Or at least, don't assume anything less than a L or XL will fit. And do not, under any circumstances, let this affect your self esteem or body image. It's JUNIORS for a reason! :)

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