Man Soup

March 18th, 2011

I like soup.  A lot.  In my opinion, there is no better winter meal than a steaming bowl of some sort of soup.  Baked potato.  Butternut squash.  Cream of tomato.  Ah, bliss.

My husband does not share my feelings.  Like many men, he doesn’t consider soup to be a “real meal.”  I suspect that his inner monologue goes something like this — “If God had intended for us to eat soup as a main course, it would more closely resemble steak.

But I have hit upon a few strategies for making Man Soup, or at least soup that passes muster with the man in my life.

#1 — Two words: bread bowl.  Any soup suddenly becomes hearty and filling when it is spooned into a bread bowl.  I’m sure that there are recipes out there for making them from scratch, but there’s a Panera two minutes from my house so I just buy them.

#2 — Make it meaty.  I tend to boost the meat content of my recipes.  Add extra chicken, throw in a little extra beef.  I sometimes transform vegetarian soups into meat ones.  I added chicken to a recent minestrone, smoked sausage to lentil stew, etc.

#3 — Add a sandwich.  I sometimes just accept that the soup isn’t going to stand alone as a meal and so we add sandwiches.  Toasted cheese and tomato soup are a match made in heaven.

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