Science Center

March 5th, 2011

It came as a surprise to me, but it turns out I love urban living. Commuting in city traffic is a bitch but you can’t beat the great food, funky neighborhoods, and endless supply of Things to Do. And we all know, I love Things to Do. Pittsburgh is especially good for Kid-Friendly Things to Do.

Today we discovered another one. The Carnegie Science Center. I knew of the place — its distinctive cone is a ‘Burgh landmark — but assumed that it wasn’t age appropriate just yet. But friends on a mommy forum assured me otherwise so today my folks and I packed up Miss Mouse and Buggie and headed over.

Wow. We spent an hour and a half and saw part of the fourth floor. We didn’t so much as walk through floors two or three and only hit the cafe on the ground floor. There’s that much to do.

The section we stayed in was geared to children six and under. Miss Mouse had a great time. There was a huge water table with floating balls and fountains. A catwalk/jungle gym affair with suspension bridges. A giant version of the game “operation.” Books to read. Drums to bang. Blocks to build with.

My parents graciously bought us a family membership, which is also good at the Natural History and Art museums. Miss Mouse has been on a big dinosaur kick lately, and we’re planning to hit the Natural History Museum on Thursday!

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