Solace from a Stranger

March 30th, 2011


I’ll readily admit that I’m hooked on Facebook.  And that I spend a hefty chunk of time cruising various mommy blogs and forums that I enjoy.  But let me just say that there are serious benefits to be reaped from the increasingly-connected digital world in which we operate daily.

When I got home from the disastrous doctor’s appointment on Monday night, I immediately flew to my computer and started typing.  “Help!  Pediatrician Showdown” — I posted to a breastfeeding forum I frequent, outlining some of the more dubious advice I’d been given.

Help!  Pediatrician Recommendation Needed” — I emailed to several of my “crunchiest” friends.  I repeated this plea to the organizer of a local Attachment Parenting group I’d heard of, but never before connected with.  I Googled the nearest La Leche league and sent emails to several contacts listed on the site, seeking reassurance and advice.  And I posted a grumpy Facebook status about my experience.

Within an hour, the responses were pouring in.

By the next morning, I had 41 replies to my breastfeeding post, five emails with recommendations and advice, and a slew of comforting messages on my Facebook account.  My breastfeeding forum cyber-friends answered with one affronted voice — “Your doctor is a moron.  Find a new one.”  The AP and La Leche mommas sent recommendations for good pediatricians (including the one we ended up going to for a second opinion) and a million links to online breastfeeding resources.  And my Facebook friends bolstered my spirits by expressing disgust at my experience, sharing stories of bad doctor’s visits, and affirming my instincts as a mother.

It was a pretty amazing experience, actually, to be on the receiving end of such a huge outpouring of support — mostly from people I didn’t even know!

3 responses to “Solace from a Stranger”

  1. Isa says:

    It's funny, isn't it? I find that there are a lot of people reading my facebook that I don't know about until they post some random supportive thing and I remember that they're out there. Kind of comforting, to be sure.

  2. G'Mom says:

    Perfect picture – how'd you find it?

  3. Kate says:

    @G'Mom — Flickr is a beautiful thing. There's a whole cadre of photos that are free to use as long as you credit the photographer. I had to hunt for a while because I wasn't quite sure what I was looking for. Finally, I searched on "hug" and that was one of the ones that came up! I was thrilled.

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