Souper Monday

March 7th, 2011

Here’s something that I’m learning as I get older: you have to be intentional about friendship. I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but when your life is a whirlwind of work and babies, it’s easy to suddenly step back and realize that it’s been weeks (months, even) since you laid eyes on your best friend.

Take it from me, I know. My best friend happens to live seven minutes away from me. You’d think we’d get together all the time. Because we love each other. See?

Ah, freshman year of college. We liked bandannas a lot.

Anyways, you’d think we would get together all the time, but you’d be wrong. After a particularly long stint of “ships in the night” syndrome, Meg and I realized the only answer was to schedule our time together. We compared calenders and decided that every other Monday was going to be Our Time Together.

Because I’m a dork, I decided that these gatherings needed a name and a theme and thus Souper Mondays were born. Every other Monday, Meg and her boyfriend Scott come over for dinner at our place and most of the time, we eat soup. Except tonight, when we ate lasagna. Which is sort of like soup. Only not.

It’s fabulous! We share a meal, catch up, and get some grownup conversation in after the kiddos are in bed. I highly recommend it.

One response to “Souper Monday”

  1. Isa says:

    I know what you mean–Heidi and Joe live downstairs and we still can go whole weeks without seeing them. People who live farther away? Forget it! I'm just glad that everyone else seems equally busy! Also, lasagne is just like soup. Only better.

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