Cheddar Beer Fondue for Everyone!

April 28th, 2011

Last night, my family had cheddar beer fondue for dinner.  My whole family.  Even the baby.  I have really embraced the idea that serving one meal for the whole family is the best approach for everyone.  Miss Mouse has traditionally been a pretty picky eater, but she’s branching out more lately, and our experience with Buggie’s baby-led solids just gets better and better.  
I’ve discovered that the key to a successful family meal is to serve a variety of foods, and to accept that not everyone will eat everything. 
For example, last night’s meal consisted of the vat of cheddar beer fondue, cubes of pumpernickel and farmhouse bread, chunks of bratwurst and smoked sausage, slices of pear, and slices of apple.  Josh and I ate all of it (though, truth be told, fondue is not my husband’s favorite thing!).  Buggie loved the pear and was pretty enthusiastic about the cheese-dunked bread cubes.  He played with the apple slices and gnawed experimentally on a few, but didn’t really eat much.  I didn’t give him any meat.  Miss Mouse had to be forced into trying the fondue, ate a few bites of sausage, and went to town on the fruit.
We all had the same meal — we just enjoyed it in slightly different ways. Everyone tried everything (well, except for Buggie who didn’t get to try the very salty meat products) and everyone got enough to eat.  Now that’s what I call a family dinner!

2 responses to “Cheddar Beer Fondue for Everyone!”

  1. Isa says:

    Not like fondue? Is that even possible? You can come and make it for us any time. We've got two sets, so we can do cheese and chocolate without cleaning up in between!

  2. Kate says:

    I love how popular fondue has become. I remember a few years back (well, probably close to ten), I wanted to get my dad a fondue pot for his birthday to replace my parents' old one. I looked. And looked. And looked. And FINALLY found one after much searching. Now, they're everywhere!

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