How to Cook While Kid-Wrangling

April 16th, 2011

While certainly not Julia Child by any stretch of the imagination, I do enjoy cooking and try very hard to have a home-cooked meal on the table most nights of the week.  Given the whirlwind of activity in our house with two wee ones under foot, inquiring minds want to know: How do you manage to cook dinner while also wrangling two kids?

Answer: You don’t…

I realize that’s sort of cheating, so please don’t sue me for false advertising with my post title.  But I am forever indebted to my husband for his role of Chief Kid Distractor during dinnertime prep.  While I’m bustling around the kitchen, flinging things into cooking appliances and generally making an unholy mess, he’s reading stories, building tents, or chasing a rowdy toddler around the backyard.

The rowdy toddler does like to “help Mommy cook” sometimes, but particularly on work nights it’s often easier to remove her from the scene.

And as for Buggie?  Well, he has lots of places he likes to be (he’s a pretty chill baby) but one of his favorites is “strapped to mommy’s back.”  Yes, my Ergo baby carrier remains one of my my mother’s best parenthood purchases to date.

Getting him strapped on back there is a bit of a challenge and really works best with two people, but once he’s in there, we’re good to go.  Having him on my back is much better for kitchen work than wearing him on the front. I can bend over easier, don’t have to reach around him, and worry less that I will inadvertently ignite his socks over the kitchen stove.

He looks a bit worried…

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  1. Isa says:

    Much safer that way! Also, cuter! and you don't have to worry about the onion tears…

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