In which Buggie barfs and I have some doubts

April 4th, 2011

Speed Bump Ahead
photo by veggiefrog

We’ve hit a speed bump in the baby-led solids superhighway.  I was unprepared for all the gagging and barfing that appears to accompany this approach to infant feeding.  Last night, Buggie enthusiastically chowed down on boiled sweet potato wedges and banana…but the food didn’t want to stay down.

Contrary to many things I’d read (namely, that a baby his size wouldn’t actually bite off large chunks of food, but would rather just gnaw on his meal without actually ingesting much), Buggie repeatedly chomped off big bites of sweet potato.  And then proceeded to yak them back up, accompanied by alarming hacking noises, diaphragm heaving, and copious amounts of partially-digested breast milk.

If that sounds gross, it’s because it was.

Now, my BLS book does talk about gagging and emphasizes that “gagging” and “choking” are not at all the same.  An infant’s gag reflex is located much further forward on their tongue than an adult’s.  They use this gag reflex to help keep food from going down their throat if they’re not ready to swallow it.  But reading about this is a bit different than seeing it in action.

Josh was already somewhat dubious about baby-led solids and I could see him becoming more so with each regurgitation.  I confess that I find myself having some doubts as well.  I’ve put out queries on a few forums and we’ll see if anyone from my magical online community has any advice.

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