In which I save money by rearranging our furniture

April 1st, 2011


I’ve always like rearranging things.  When I was little, much of the quality time that I spent immersed in the world of my dollhouse was dedicated to reconfiguring the rooms.  What would it be like if the kitchen was on the second floor?  Wouldn’t a master bedroom suite with a fireplace and couches be cool?  Let’s put the nursery in the attic. 

And early on in my own life, I learned that rearranging could provide a cheap makeover, when redecorating wasn’t feasible (or, in my case, permissible).  As an early tween, I desperately wanted a new look for my room, having (in my mind) outgrown the gentle pink and gray plaid wallpaper.  I wanted red and black and drama in my life.  My parents said no.  So I successfully lobbied to instead swap my room with my mom’s sewing room.  My furniture went in her room, hers came into mine, and — voila! —  a whole new room for me without a penny spent.

I married a kindred spirit and Josh and I frequently rearrange our house.  For a while we had the master bedroom downstairs in what is now a den, and about a year ago, we totally revamped the living room assemblage when we banished our television. 

Our latest household shift revolved around Miss Mouse’s migration to a Big Girl Bed.  We did a three-way shuffle — her dresser/changer went into Buggie’s room, his “dresser” went downstairs to the living room, and her toy kitchen moved to her room. 

I’d been coveting some sort of toy organizer for our living room (which was becoming increasingly overrun) but didn’t want to pony up the cash for any of the flashy things I’d seen at Ikea.  Buggie’s dresser was really one of those divided wooden shelving units with fabric drawers and it works perfectly as a toy caddy.  All three rooms look fresh and new and we didn’t buy anything new.

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  1. Isa says:

    Our house is too small for much rearranging, but I do have a go at switching up end tables and lamps pretty frequently. It's amazing how just moving a couple things can change the whole room!

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