The Why Years

April 20th, 2011

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“These are the times that try moms’ souls.”  
~ Thomas Payne

Okay, I took a bit of artistic license with that quote.  But Thomas Payne’s immortal words are really speaking to this season of my life.  Yes, friends, we have entered the Why Years.  My daughter’s previously-extensive vocabulary has shrunk down to a single, much-repeated word: why.

Sometimes, the whys make sense.  While it gets a bit wearying, her questions about her surroundings demonstrate curiosity.  “Why does Daddy have to go to work?”  “Why is Mommy putting on makeup?”  “Why is Buggie crying?”  “Why is Riley licking himself?”  All fair questions.

But then there are the times when she uses her new word indescriminately.  Let’s just establish right now, among the grownups, that “why” is rarely a good follow-up question to “what’s that?”  And yet, that’s what I hear.  All The Time.

Mouse: “What’s that?

Mom: “A butterfly/Easter egg/bagel/shoe/car/bird/book/phone/stuffed bear/etc.

Mouse: “Why?


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