29 Gifts, Day 12: Cards of Thanks

May 13th, 2011

On Thursday, I sent cards to two people at the health care center whose doctors delivered both Buggie and Miss Mouse. 

Kathy is a childbirth educator we met with during both pregnancies, and was our doula during Buggie’s awesome birth.  With her support and encouragement, Buggie and I initiated our breastfeeding relationship within minutes of his birth.  I was exhausted, he was all gross, and we were the happiest people in the world. 

Alice is an incredible nurse who was a huge support when I had my boob troubles with Miss Mouse and who helped me overcome some early hurdles in nursing Buggie.

I wanted them both to know that my little man reached the six month mark as an exclusively breast fed baby and wanted to thank them for all their support and encouragement.  I sent each a picture of me with my wee suckling pig along with their cards.

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