29 Gifts, Day Eight: A Card and a Prayer

May 8th, 2011

As today is Mother’s Day, coming up with a gift wasn’t hard — what was hard was convincing myself that the card I gave my mother was “enough” to count as a gift.  After all, I would have given her a card today regardless of whether I was participating in the 29 Gifts challenge.

After dithering about this for a few minutes, though, I let it go.  The point of the month of giving is to give (duh) and to do so joyfully and with an open heart.  If your gift happens to be for a pre-defined occasion, that’s perfectly fine!

I was also the worship leader at church today, responsible for writing an opening prayer.  I wrote it as a sort of poetic list of things to give thanks for, modeled on my vision of my relationship with my mom and the one I’m trying to build with my kids. And while it didn’t begin as a gift to my mother, the more I worked on it and revised it, the more it became one!  Here ’tis:

Gracious and loving God.  Today we give thanks for smiles and laughter and dancing in the kitchen.  We give thanks for kisses that make it all better, for shoulders to cry on, and for hugs when we need them most.    
We give thanks for picnics in the grass and forts in the living room.  We give thanks for lullabies and cuddles and chocolate chip cookies. 
We give thanks for long phone chats and quick emails that just say “I’m thinking of you!”  We give thanks for wisdom and advice.  For support and encouragement.  For strength and discipline. 
We give thanks for –“You can do it” – and for – “I’m proud of you” – and for – “I love you.”
In short, we give thanks for moms.

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  1. G'Mom says:

    And it made me cry. Thank you for that lovely present.

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