29 Gifts, Day Eleven: Loving Words

May 13th, 2011

Whew. It’s been a busy few days so I haven’t been able to document my last couple gifts.  So here we go…

On Wednesday, my gift was resisting the urge to pick a fight with my husband.  He had an early-evening meeting but had assured me he would be home in time to help put the kids to bed.  But the meeting ran late. 

I find it very difficult (very close to impossible) to put Buggie to bed when it’s just me with the kids.  The problem is his big sister, who wants to “help” by hanging off of the rocking chair, trying to climb into my lap, wanting to reach stories, and poking her brother in the head.  Not exactly an environment conducive to peaceful slumber.

So there I sat in the rocking chair with a fussy and non-sleeping baby and a restless toddler, feeling myself becoming increasingly cranky myself.  I rehearsed the curt words I would utter when my tardy other half deigned to arrive home…

…and then I let them go. 

It was as much a gift to myself as to Josh.  Starting an argument is a choice.  Choosing not to do so freed me from the negative feelings I had been allowing to swirl around in my head.  Being angry’s no fun.  It felt awesome to greet him with affection and a kiss rather than a string of grumpy whines!

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