29 Gifts, Day Nineteen: Amish Bread

May 21st, 2011

Thursday’s gift was of the pay-it-forward type.  On the first day of the 29 Gifts Challenge, a church member gave me a back of “starter” for something called Amish bread.  It had ten days of instructions along with.  Mush the bag.  Add more flour.  Open to let out air and reseal.  Etc.  On the 10th day, you partition your bag of batter into five batches.  You are supposed to give away three, keep one for yourself, and bake with the fourth (by adding more ingredients, including — interestingly — vanilla pudding mix).

So, for ten days (well, eleven — I got off somewhere) I followed the instructions and then baked up two loaves of Amish Friendship Bread on Wednesday.  It wasn’t quite what I was expecting — closer to the taste/texture of banana bread than “real” bread.  But it was tasty.

It was also pretty “point heavy” so I opted to share the bounty.  I sent one of the baked loaves to work with Josh for his very sweet secretary and took all four of my starter batches and most of the second loaf of bread to work.  Happily, the starter bags were snatched up by my workmates and the baked loaf disappeared in no time!

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