29 Gifts, Day Twenty Eight: Going with the Flow

May 29th, 2011

I am, ostensibly, on vacation.  My gift yesterday was to (attempt to) act like it.  I’m not a do-nothing kind of girl.  I schedule my leisure time.  Hey, I don’t get much of it so I worry about “wasting” my free time.  On my next day off, I plan to clean out the garage…

Josh’s family is much better at just hanging out. Thus, there’s not much on the agenda for the weekend — a fact which tends to make me twitch.  Yesterday, I tried to go with the flow.  I took a nap with Buggie.  Went for a walk with Josh and the kids.  Had a lawn picnic in the afternoon.  It stressed me out.  But, I tried.

I also reminded myself yesterday that Miss Mouse is also on vacation.  Thus, a large slice of Texas Sheet Cake was permissible…

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