29 Gifts, Day Twenty Four: More Generous Than Intended

May 25th, 2011

Yesterday, I had intended that my gift of the day be a baby present for a beloved teacher at the kids’ daycare who had recently welcomed her daughter into the world.  After much thought, I settled on a Sophie Giraffe, as she has become Buggie’s favorite toy.

But the gift was not to be. 

In the morning, the beautifully fluffy gift bag with giraffe ensconced within sat forlornly on my kitchen counter as my husband flew out the door in a whirlwind of diaper bags, rain jackets, and a baby bottles.  No problem, thought I.  I’ll just drop if off when I pick up the kids in the afternoon.

Then the traffic struck.  After sitting and not moving for about a half an hour, I called Josh to have him pick up the kids.  Blast!  The giraffe was not making it to school that day.  Now I’m stuck in traffic and have to come up with a new gift.

As always seems to happen, a gift presented itself immediately thereafter in the form of a homeless guy panhandling along the side of the road.  Perfect!  As I inched toward him, I reached for my billfold to give him a dollar…

…only to discover that the smallest bill in my wallet was a $10. 

Oops.  I really hadn’t planned to give him anywhere near that much, but by that point, he had seen me reaching.  We’d made eye contact and he was watching me with a smile as I pulled abreast of him.  So, I told him it was his lucky day and handed over the ten. 

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