29 Gifts, Day Twenty One: 5K and 50 Bucks

May 22nd, 2011

My gift yesterday was dragging my whole family along to participate in a 5K fundraiser walk for a local cancer charity.  HairPeace (great name) helps women in the midst of chemo treatments get wigs when their insurance companies won’t cover it.  Small organization, great mission, awesome lady running it.

The walk was actually a conglomerate.  A local insurance company sponsors an overall Walk for a Healthy Community, and then allows any charity that wants to participate, to join in on the fun, while raising money for their specific causes.  There were probably at least two dozen organizations that took part and a really good turnout of walkers.

By pledging $50, I got a very snazzy pink HairPeace-specific event t-shirt, which I donned with pride.

I also got a more general event t-shirt that I requested in Little Person Size for Miss Mouse.  Naturally, it was an absolute tent on her!  But she loved it and wore it happily.

After the walk (both kids slept much of the way), we paused for a small picnic (fruit, pretzels, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Yum) and some father/daughter silliness…

Then we meandered over to a fun outdoor festival being hosted by Venture Outdoors.  They had info tables from a million outdoorsy nonprofits, lots of activities, and a kids tent with crafts and games.  Miss Mouse was a big help as she pushed her baby brother in the stroller…

The weather was gorgeous, the kids were on excellent behavior, and it was altogether an awesome day!

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