29 Gifts, Day Twenty Six: Birthday Flowers

May 28th, 2011

To be honest, some days the 29 Gifts thing feels like a chore.  I’m supposed to approach giving with a joyful heart, but sometimes it’s tough.  Friday, on the other hand, was one of those great days where an opportunity for a gift presented itself and made me truly happy to be able to complete it.

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I realized that Friday was the birthday of Miss Mouse’s all time favorite teacher at KinderCare.  Though Miss Mouse graduated from her class six month ago, Miss Lauren remains adored by my wee toddler.  And for good reason.  Miss Lauren is the type of teacher parents dream of.  She is young, energetic, boundlessly patient, and endlessly loving.  I have never seen her with anything less than a broad, genuine smile on her face, even after a long day filled with two-year-olds.  Seriously, the woman is a saint.  And she taught Miss Mouse her alphabet and how to count to five in Spanish.  Which is cool.

In any case, putting together a quick birthday gift was a perfect gift opportunity.  I picked up a bouquet of flowers on my way to pick up the kids, and had Miss Mouse bring it into her classroom.  The plan faltered briefly when Miss Mouse became unsure she wanted to actually share the pretty posies, but Miss Lauren generously allowed her to keep a stem of carnations for herself…

One response to “29 Gifts, Day Twenty Six: Birthday Flowers”

  1. Isa says:

    That's sweet. I wish people would bring me flowers! :) I've all but given up–I decided that the obligation was negating the benefit. But I'm putting time towards larger gifts that take more than a day to do, so I think I'm still there in spirit?

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