Boobs, Reclaimed

June 21st, 2011

Well, my son has officially renounced his claim on my breasts.  I nursed the little man for about eight months (and was thrilled to make it to the six-month mark with no help from formula), but Buggie is a now a bottle baby.  It happened gradually, and (mostly) without sadness for either party.  Following a showdown with my pediatrician at Buggie’s six-month checkup, I bought some formula to mix with baby oatmeal (though I ultimately ended up sticking with baby-led solids rather than baby food).

Once the formula was in the house, the temptation to supplement Buggie’s boob bottles was too strong.  I started giving him the occasional bottle of formula.  This, in turn, caused my milk supply to decrease and before long I wasn’t keeping up with him.  I really hated pumping anyways, so the idea of adding in more sessions wasn’t appealing.  So I gave him more formula bottles.

And you can see where this is going…

Within a few weeks, Buggie was only nursing at night, and then about a week and a half ago, he stopped that, too.  He just wasn’t interested anymore — it was bottles or bust.  He mostly sleeps through the night anyways, and if he does get up, he gets a bottle.

Part of me is sad that I’m not nursing anymore.  It’s an awesome bonding time for moms and babes, and it’s super convenient when you’re out and about.  I hate carrying bottles and formula around.  But mostly I realize that it was the right time for us, and I’m happy that I nursed him as long as I did.  And being able to poke Josh in the night and say — “Your son needs you” — is a blissful thing!

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  1. kcmcwise says:

    Miss Erin at KinderCare (and anyone else who worked there at the time, I'm sure) still remembers the evening I called in tears saying I'd be late to pick up Alex because I managed to forget my little cooler o' pumped milk at the Gateway Center T station, and when I had the Port Authority folks check the station for it, it was gone. I now find it somewhat hilarious, because … well, imagine the shock of the procurer upon finding a few partially-full little Medela bottles in the cooler pack; I picture the discovery being followed by a long, loud string of "EEEEEWWWWW!" exclamations paired with a general freak-out fit. That's how I'd feel about someone else's milk, anyway. But at the time, my supply was drying up, and I had worked SO HARD at getting that meager amount, that I was crestfallen. No one should ever try to pass off the working mom's attempt to keep that up as an easy thing to do, especially with all the "Your baby will be ever-so infinitely healthier if you do this for as long as you possibly can" input you get that pressures you (or at least me) to keep working at it. I felt so guilty when I finally quit at 6 months, but it was the right thing to do for everyone, and no trauma was experienced by either me or the baby. No more fun stories for the KCare staff, though.

  2. Kate says:

    Great story. I totally know the feeling. I remember forgetting a lid for my storage bottle one day and frantically searching the office for something else — anything else — that I could use as a lid or a storage container. I seriously considered washing out a Mountain Dew bottle…

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