In which I buy another baby carrier

June 5th, 2011

I* bought a baby carrier this weekend.  Yes, another one.  Don’t judge me.  I have a problem, but at least I know it.  The new carrier isn’t a replacement for my Ergo, though.  I still love the Ergo.  No, the kokopax is a frame backpack and was intended to replace the big honking Kelty Kids hiking pack that I bought at a garage sale several years ago.

Honking big pack, left.  Sexy svelt pack, right.

The kokopax is small, lightweight (3 pounds!), and folds down compactly enough to fit into the overhead bin of an airplane.  It was that last point that sold me, as I am flying with my children — sans husband — to Chicago next weekend to visit my parents.

Thus, the kokopax joined my life.  Buggie and I have made two shopping runs with it so far, as well as a two mile hike, and I’m a big fan.  It’s comfortable and easy to put on, and he seems pretty content in it too…

This afternoon, I was just about to list the Kelty pack on Craiglist, when Josh mused — “I wonder if Miss Mouse would fit in that thing?”  Turns out, she would!

Amazingly, they’re both still smiling after the 2 mile hike.

And so the five of us (including the dog) went on a nice walk/hike this afternoon.  Even though we didn’t leave our neighborhood, I believe that the presence of the hills coupled with the fact that Josh and I were both toting a minimum of 22 pounds on our backs (more like 36 for Josh!) qualifies our walk as a “hike.”

*When I say “I,” what I really mean — of course — is “my mother” as it is she who patiently funds my baby carrier habit…

2 responses to “In which I buy another baby carrier”

  1. G'Mom says:

    And pleased to do so! I bet the five of you are quite a sight as you tromp up and down the hills of Mt. Lebo.

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