Lose Our Way

June 12th, 2011

Today’s post is dedicated to the Christian rocker TobyMac, since his song “Get Back Up” provides the musical backdrop to how my diet went this weekend.  I’ll share a sampling with you…
We lose our way,
We get back up again
It’s never too late to get back up again,
One day you will shine again,
You may be knocked down,
But not out forever…
Ah yes.  With every adventure in dieting comes at least one epic meltdown, right?  Mine happened on Saturday.  I was home for the weekend and my mom organized a “Meet Buggie” party for a bunch of her friends and mine.  
My mum’s a fabulous hostess and went all out planning tea party treats.  Cream scones with jam.  Rocky road brownies.  Heath bar Rice Krispie treats.  Smoked salmon egg salad.  Brightly frosted shortbread cookies emblazoned with the letters of my kids’ first names.  The list (and the fat grams) went on and on.  
Just look at all that food!!

But I had a game plan.  I diligently entered all the recipes into my Weight Watchers online tracker to figure out their point values and figured that if I ate one of everything, I’d be okay.  Definitely over my daily allowance, but I’d saved up all my weekly splurge points, too, in anticipation of the wondrous feast.
At first, all went according to plan.  I was restrained and nibbled daintily on the treats.  I did a few on-the-fly substitutions when the basil scones with ham turned out to be particularly divine and I felt I needed two, but I was staying in the ballpark.  Then we made the fatal error…
…we failed to clear the table at once as the party wound down.  

My grazing instinct kicked into overdrive and I proceeded to continue eating, grabbing a morsel each time I walked by the table.  One brownie became two.  Then three.  A second Rice Krispie treat suddenly appeared on my plate.  The cookie I had been avoiding eye contact with broke through my defenses.
It turned into a total rout.  I didn’t even enter my food into my daily tracker because the result would have been too depressing.  I just wrote the day off as an absolutely delicious episode of culinary debauchery and moved on.
Today I did beautifully and stayed well within my daily point allowance.  Lose our way…get back up again!

One response to “Lose Our Way”

  1. kcmcwise says:

    One of the best things someone taught me when I was on WW was to have one day a week when you "spike your metabolism" … also known as "indulge". When you're cutting calories and intake, your body gets lazier about processing food. If you choose one day a week to not go crazy but to have that ice cream or cake (or tea party treats) that you've been craving, it will actually give your body a chance to say, "Hey — there's something significant to burn here! I'll have to work on this…." So, in short, an isolated splurge can actually be a GOOD thing. I'll bet the scale treated you more kindly than you expected thereafter.

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