Making the Most of Moments: A Working Momma’s Mantra

June 3rd, 2011

I work full-time.  It’s a financial necessity for our family right now, but it’s also a choice I’ve made.  The reality is that this decision means that most days I spend less time with my kids than I would like.  So when I do spend time with them, I try hard to really make it count and to be fully present for them.  Which can be tough when there are dirty dishes in the sink, dog hair coating the carpet, and six loads of laundry calling my name.  But it’s totally worth it to let those things slide.

I also try to make ordinary things special, to take advantage of the time we get to be together.  Tonight, Josh is at his sister’s graduation, so it was just Miss Mouse, Buggie, and me for the evening.  It was a gorgeous day, so we opted to have dinner al fresco — a picnic in the backyard!

Dinner was pretty simple: pizza and fresh fruit.  But eating outside made it special and fun.  Miss Mouse bounced up and down like a jack-in-the-box, pointing out birds, squirrels, and numerous ants, and spilling food everywhere.  Buggie cheerfully double-fisted hunks of pizza and slices of fresh pear.

They both wound up covered in food, but we were outside so who cares?  I stripped them down before we went in for bath time and let the dog clean up the debris.

Two and a half hours after I picked them up from daycare, both littles were in bed.  It was a quick evening.  But a good one.

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