June 19th, 2011

Yesterday’s Toddler Fest was a potluck picnic, with everybody bringing a toddler-friendly dish to share.  We had cheese and crackers, baked beans, pasta salad, lots of fruit, veggies, pretzels, gold fish, cheese dip, and some truly divine “dirt pudding.”  (You know, the stuff with the crushed Oreos, vanilla pudding, and gummy worms.  Could anything be more appealing to me small children?)

My offering was good-old SB&J; sandwiches: Sunbutter and Jelly.  Among Miss Mouse’s wee friends there are some serious food allergies.  Like, epi-pen at the ready food allergies.  Their school is a totally peanut-free facility, so we followed those rules at our house, too.  Sunbutter is a spread made from sunflower seeds.  By itself, it doesn’t really taste like peanut butter, but once you put it on a sandwich, it’s a pretty decent substitute.

I went for cute points by cutting the sandwiches into a fun shapes with a cookie cutter: heart, stegosaurus, duck, and butterfly.

Yesterday reminded me yet again of how happy I am to be doing baby-led solids with Buggie.  I didn’t have to think twice about whether there’d be baby-friendly food, or how I was going to manage spooning purees into his maw while he sprawled on a blanket.  He nibbled baked beans off my fork, gnawed on some crackers, tried the sandwiches, and — naturally — went to town on some watermelon.  He made a spectacular mess out of his blanket, but so what?  That’s why we have a dog.

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