Did You U2?

July 27th, 2011

Confession time: I fell asleep briefly during the U2 concert last night.

Yes, I know it was The Event of the Summer for Pittsburgh.  Yes, I know they put on an amazing show.  Yes, I know I was surrounded by tens of thousands of screaming fans.  Yes, I know Bono is still sexy and apparently will be until the day he dies.  But allow me to say two things in my defense.

One, the show started about the time I usually head for bed.

Two, once you reach a certain sound threshold, even great music starts to become ignorable noise.  The music last night was mind-blowingly loud.  I have no idea how many decibels it takes to deafen 70,000 people in an outdoor stadium, but they figured it out.  Toward the middle of the show, they hit a patch of excruciatingly loud songs that I didn’t know and it all started to melt together and become on big crashing wave of sound…that then became background noise as I drifted off.

The truth is, Josh and I aren’t concert-goers.  In fact, prior to last night, I hadn’t been to a concert since about 1999.  Our tickets to the big event were a gift from a former co-worker at the job I just left (thanks, Tim!!) and it was definitely something we wouldn’t have done on our own.

But despite the brief narcoleptic episode and the short-term hearing loss, the overall experience was pretty incredible.

Memorable moments included:

The sound that the sold-out stadium made when U2 started to walk out onto the field toward the stage.

Astronaut Mark Kelly introducing Beautiful Day…from the International Space Station.

The truly-spontaneous performance of Bad as a final encore.

Being part of something that big.  Wow.

One response to “Did You U2?”

  1. Isa says:

    Yeah, lots of my friends are excited about lollapalooza, and I just think, 'aren't we too old for that?' We like to go to small concerts. At venues with chairs. That people actually use so you can see the performers. :)

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