Finally, Friends!

July 30th, 2011

I have been bound and determined to have play dates with Miss Mouse’s “friends” from the time she was approximately six months old.  I was so enthralled by the notion of her playing with little buddies that it took me a really long time to accept that kids really do not play — together — until they’re considerably older.  Mobility is an important first step, but being able to crawl doesn’t really make them ready for great social interaction.

And so I waited.  And kept trying, inviting friends over and hauling Miss Mouse to kid-friendly activities.  Finally, we’re there.  Today, we hit the zoo with one of Miss Mouse’s friends from school, and it was awesome.

We had prepped Mousie for the outing a couple days before and she was delirious with excitement at the thought of seeing Alex _____ (she almost always uses the full names of her classmates for some reason!).  As soon as she saw him, she ran over, grabbed his hand…and didn’t let go.  They marched through the zoo, hand in hand, letting go long enough to admire the tigers and press their noses to the glass of the otter tank.

Miss Mouse’s assertive personality, coupled with her six-month age advantage, meant that she called the shots for the most part.  Here she is insisting that it was time to move on to the polar bears…

The buddies also rode the carousel (opting to sit on a bench seat rather than the animals, so they could be together) and some little kiddie rides (where they wedged in together whenever possible, even if there was really only room for one small bottom).

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