How Healthy Snacks Make You Fat

July 17th, 2011

cheese and crackers

Being on Weight Watchers has really made me aware of the danger of snacking.  For me, snacking is my Achilles heel when it comes to pound pruning (well, that and a marked susceptibility to baked goods).  I eat pretty sensibly at mealtimes…but used to supplement those meals with a steady stream of gnoshing throughout the day.

I knew I snacked, but I never worried about it because I ate “healthy snacks.”  Ah, yes.  Healthy snacks.  Like almonds.  Or a cheese stick.  Or reduced-fat Wheat Thins.  All “healthy” when it comes to snack foods, right?  It’s not like I was chowing down on Cheetos and Oreos all day…

The problem is, “healthy” does not equal “light.”

Wheat thins have calories.  Cheese sticks have calories.  Nuts have a whole lot of calories.  So if your goal is to lose weight, munching steadily on snacks — even relatively healthy snacks — is going to trip you up every time.  It wasn’t until I started tracking every morsel that went into my mouth, though, that this truth finally clicked for me.

Now I’ve virtually eliminated non-produce snacks from my diet.  It took some time.  I was so used to grabbing some crackers at 9:30, then a cheese stick around 11:00, that I seriously doubted my ability to make it from breakfast to lunch without something to eat.  Now, I have a banana at 10 and I tough it out until lunch.  Most days, it’s no big deal, especially if I’m busy at work.  Some days, it’s really hard.  Some days I give in to the siren song of bagels in the break room.

But on the whole, I think I’ve tamed the Snack Beast.  And it shows.  I’m down 14 pounds from where I started this quest, with another 9 to go before I reach my target weight.  Take that, Snack Beast!

3 responses to “How Healthy Snacks Make You Fat”

  1. G'Mom says:

    I think you inherited the Snack Gene from me. sigh….

  2. Pomegranate says:

    if i could resist the unhealthy snacks, i'd be happy. i alternate fruit and junk food. i had chips a while ago, so i'm going to go peel an orange after i blog. :)

  3. Kate says:

    I heard you Pom. It's definitely up and down. Today, I was forced (forced, I tell you!) to eat a couple thin mint girl scout cookies when I got stuck in a very long late-afternoon meeting…

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