Miss Mouse Explains It All

July 15th, 2011

(Yes, that title does hearken back to the days of a certain television show…)

Miss Mouse has reached the age where she is very keen on order, explanation, and mapping out her world.  She wants to know what happens when (and why, of course) and has started taking an interest in cause-and-effect.  It seems like 90% of her sentences these days can be classified as “when/then” or “if/then” statements.  Such as…

…”When you are done with your sandwich, we can go play outside.”

“After you brush your teeth, we will go to school.”

…”If I hit Buggie with my book, then it goes away.”

…”When Buggie is hungry, then he cries and Mommy feeds him.”

…”If I turn my sippy cup upside down, the water spills on my shirt.”

What cracks me up is that she uses this system to turn requests into statements.  “After I take my bath, I can look at pictures on the computer.”  Um, no you can’t.  After your bath, you go to bed, small girl.  But nice try!

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