Peach Binge

July 22nd, 2011


It’s July, and you know what that means.

Well, yes it means 110 degree heat, 110 percent humidity, and mosquitoes the size of house pets, but that’s not what I meant, you jaded person, you.

No, July means PEACHES.  Oh, my.  The bliss.  The joy.  The rapture.  Somehow I tend to forget from year to year how much I love fresh peaches.  Maybe it’s because in the off season I am tempted by the imported impostors at the grocery store and so my taste bud memory becomes clouded by mushy, mealy fakes.

When I was pregnant with Miss Mouse, I seriously considered an All Peach Muffin Diet.  I think it would have been great, but Josh disagreed.  Anyways, I came home laden with peaches after our farm trip yesterday so life is good.  In particular, fresh peaches have been featuring in my current breakfast of choice: cottage cheese with fruit.

Cottage cheese is one of those foods that goes in the “things I never used to like and now I do” category.  The stuff freaked me out, but it’s a super food when it comes to Weight Watchers.  I have to puree it in my food processor before I can eat it, though, because the chunks are alarming.

I discovered cottage cheese because I had been running into the “healthy doesn’t equal light” problem with my breakfasts.  In the old days (I refer to them now as the Chubby Days) my standard breakfast was two pieces of whole wheat toast with all-natural, reduced fat peanut butter (no sugar or oil added), all-fruit preserves, and a glass of orange juice.  Healthy, right?  Definitely.  But it also packed a frightening 12 points.  Twelve.  I only get 29 a day, so something had to change.

Enter: cottage cheese.  One measly point in a half a cup!  I add sugar, but that still only bumps it up to 2 points.  Throw in a generous handful of chopped fresh peaches and — voila! — the perfect summer breakfast. Or snack.  Or dinner, really, on days when it’s too hot to even contemplate cooking.

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