Sweat, Corn, and Peaches

July 20th, 2011

I switched jobs recently.  It was an excellent move for a lot of reasons, both personal and professional.  On the personal side of the equation is the fact that the organization I now work for does some terrific outreach to refugee families living in the area.  I’m jumping on this fact as an opportunity to “color my world” as the adoption experts put it.  The reality is, most aspects of my life (our friends, our daycare, our church) are white white and more white.  And our family isn’t going to be much longer.

Thus it was that today I brought Miss Mouse along on a field trip to a nearby farm.  There were about 40 kids under the age of five and only one of them had light hair and fair skin.

Miss Mouse didn’t even seem to notice.  Which was cool.  We visited goats and chickens at the petting zoo, took a hayride out to the fields, and picked our own corn and peaches.  (And watched the other moms cheerfully picking huge bundles of what appeared to be weeds, but apparently weren’t.  Or were but are still yummy.  Not quite sure which.)

We also dripped buckets of sweat.  It was in the 90s today with ferocious humidity.  Have I mentioned lately that I’m glad I’m a fund-raiser and not a field hand?

Depending on our enrollment numbers, I am hoping to have Miss Mouse participate in my organization’s early childhood program (i.e. preschool) a couple days a week this fall to further facilitate her introduction to cross-cultural friendships.

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  1. Hali says:

    I love this. My school is racially diverse, teaching me at a young age to accept all colors and treat them equally. There's a lot of racist people in this world, and I enjoy watching people make the effort to stop racial boundaries!

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