Ten Months in Three Words

July 24th, 2011

My son is ten months old.  Which is strange, considering the fact that I’m pretty sure he was born last week.  Maybe two weeks ago.  But definitely no more.  And yet, my camera tells a different story:

If asked to describe my beautiful boy in three words, I’d go with: intrepid, self-directed, lovey.

Intrepid.  Wow, that kid is all over the place.  As soon as he learned to crawl, the world beckoned to him, begging to be explored.  He craws into cupboards.  Over obstacles.  Into dog crates.  Keeping him away from power cords is a full-time occupation.  He can rough and tumble with his big sister in fine style, giving as good as he gets with well-placed hair tugs and the occasional bite (he’s got upper and lower teeth now — watch out).  He is all boy.

Notice the green tongue – residue from a marker he tried to eat…

Self-Directed.  While I try hard not to compare my kids too much, it’s really inevitable.  One of the biggest differences I see between them is that Buggie will play happily by himself.  He is very self-directed.  Plop him down on the floor with some toys, and he’ll be content for a long time.  When he needs a change of pace, he crawls to a new toy and plays with that.  Miss Mouse always wanted to have someone interacting with her (still does).  I don’t know if that’s a function of birth order or gender or an extra dose of his daddy’s genes, but that’s my boy.

Lovey.  As if to temper his outward-pushing tendencies, my little man is the world’s biggest Snuggle Bug.  Thank the lord.  Is there anything better than a cuddly baby?  I think not.  Maybe it was the breastfeeding.  Or the co-sleeping.  Or just his personality, but when he’s not exploring the world and wreaking havoc, Buggie wants to be in my arms.  He cuddles.  He hugs.  He nestles.  He burrows.  He rubs his nose against mine and lights up like a megawatt bulb when I walk into a room.  And let me tell you, the feeling is mutual.

Full disclosure: that’s my mom, not me.  But it was a great picture of a great lovey moment.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, Kate,
    Fun to hear and see more about the kiddos than I get to in church. Distinctive personalities to be sure!

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